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Recent literature: α-adrenergic agonist
Date Journal Article title
2020 Oxid Med Cell Longev Norepinephrine Induces Lung Microvascular Endothelial Cell Death by NADPH Oxidase-Dependent Activation of Caspase-3.
2020 Jan J Addict Med Non-medical Use of Naphazoline (Naphthyzin): Two Case Reports.
2020 Feb Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mo... Pluripotent hematopoietic stem cells augment α-adrenergic receptor-mediated contraction of pulmonary artery and contribute to the pathogenesis of pulmonary hypertension.
2019 Dec Pediatr Res Role of dopamine and selective dopamine receptor agonists on mouse ductus arteriosus tone and responsiveness.
2020 Lasers Surg Med Treatment of Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea With Pulsed-Dye Laser and Oxymetazoline 1.0% Cream: A Retrospective Study.
2012 LiverTox: Clinical and Re... Guanfacine
2012 LiverTox: Clinical and Re... Clonidine
2019 Expert Opin Ther Pat Adrenergic agonists and antagonists as antiglaucoma agents: a literature and patent review (2013-2019).
2019 Aug BMC Med Dissecting genetic factors affecting phenylephrine infusion rates during anesthesia: a genome-wide association study employing EHR data.
2019 Theriogenology Protocols using detomidine and oxytocin induce ex copula ejaculation in stallions.
2019 Jul BMC Anesthesiol Dexmedetomidine presses sevoflurane anesthesia-induced neuroinflammation through activation of the PI3KAktmTOR pathway.
2019 Jun Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A Apelin protects against abdominal aortic aneurysm and the therapeutic role of neutral endopeptidase resistant apelin analogs.
2019 Biochem Pharmacol Sulodexide promotes arterial relaxation via endothelium-dependent nitric oxide-mediated pathway.
2019 May Am J Hypertens Chronic Treatment With Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors Attenuates Vascular Dysfunction in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats.
2019 May Am J Physiol Regul Integr... α-Adrenergic receptor regulation of skeletal muscle blood flow during exercise in heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction.
2019 Laryngoscope Hemodynamic and pharmacokinetic analysis of oxymetazoline use during nasal surgery in children.
2018 Biomed Res Int The Efficacy and Safety of Norepinephrine and Its Feasibility as a Replacement for Phenylephrine to Manage Maternal Hypotension during Elective Cesarean Delivery under Spinal Anesthesia.
2019 Jan Molecules Elucidation of Vasodilation Response and Structure Activity Relationships of iNi²,iNi⁴i-iDistituted Quinazoline 2,4-Diamines in a Rat Pulmonary Artery Model.
2019 Curr Opin Pharmacol Clinical effectiveness of novel rosacea therapies.
2019 Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol Effects of montelukast on human nasal mucosa.
2019 Hypertension Norepinephrine-Induced Stimulation of Kir4.1Kir5.1 Is Required for the Activation of NaCl Transporter in Distal Convoluted Tubule.
2019 Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol Stretch-activated Piezo1 Channel in Endothelial Cells Relaxes Mouse Intrapulmonary Arteries.
2019 Jan Am J Physiol Heart Circ P... Reversal of right ventricular failure by chronic α1A-type adrenergic agonist therapy.
2019 Expert Opin Pharmacother Brimonidine tartrate for the treatment of glaucoma.
2019 J Cosmet Laser Ther Topical brimonidine-assisted laser treatment for the prevention of therapy-related erythema and hyperpigmentation.
2018 Exp Ther Med Dexmedetomidine on autophagy of hippocampal neurons in aged rats under sevoflurane anesthesia.
2018 J Surg Res Impaired coronary contraction to phenylephrine after cardioplegic arrest in diabetic patients.
2018 Drugs R D Comments on: "In Vitro Safety Pharmacology Profiling of Topical α-Adrenergic Agonist Treatments for Erythema of Rosacea".
2018 Dermatol Ther Brimonidine tartrate gel plus topical steroid for the prevention of laser therapy-related postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.
2018 May Nat Commun Testosterone is an endogenous regulator of BAFF and splenic B cell number.
2020 Jan StatPearls Alpha Receptor Agonist Toxicity
2018 J AAPOS Intravenous dexmedetomidine augments the oculocardiac reflex.
2018 J Physiol Impaired modulation of postjunctional α1 - but not α2 -adrenergic vasoconstriction in contracting forearm muscle of postmenopausal women.
2018 J Neurochem Clonidine modulates the activity of the thalamic-plementary motor loop: evidence from a pharmacological study combining deep brain stimulation and electroencephalography recordings in Parkinsonian patients.
2018 Exp Dermatol Reduction in ultraviolet B light-induced erythema by oxymetazoline and brimonidine is mediated by different α-adrenoceptors.
2018 Anesth Essays Res Norepinephrine versus Ephedrine to Maintain Arterial Blood Pressure during Spinal Anesthesia for Cesarean Delivery: A Prospective Double-blinded Trial.
2018 Mar Zhonghua Yan Ke Za Zhi [Analysis on the medication of the outpatients diagnosed with glaucoma at West China Hospital of Sichuan University].
2018 Mar Clin Otolaryngol Effects of sumatriptan nasal spray (Imigran) on human nasal mucosa.
2018 Am J Addict Suicidal ideation in military veterans with alcohol dependence and PTSD: The role of hostility.
2018 Apr Eur J Pharmacol Ameliorative effects of clonidine on ethanol induced kidney injury in rats: Potential role for imidazoline-1 receptor.
2018 Apr J Physiol Ca2+ signalling in mouse urethral smooth muscle in situ: role of Ca2+ stores and Ca2+ influx mechanisms.
2018 Jan Sci Rep Developmental Maturation and Alpha-1 Adrenergic Receptors-Mediated Gene Expression Changes in Ovine Middle Cerebral Arteries.
2018 Drugs R D In Vitro Safety Pharmacology Profiling of Topical α-Adrenergic Agonist Treatments for Erythema of Rosacea.
2018 Eur J Pain Anti-inflammatory effects of propranolol in the temporomandibular joint of female rats and its contribution to antinociceptive action.
2017 Mol Vis α-adrenergic agonist brimonidine control of experimentally induced myopia in guinea pigs: A pilot study.
2018 Mar Am J Physiol Heart Circ P... Vascular endothelial function masks increased sympathetic vasopressor activity in rats with metabolic syndrome.
2018 Curr Eye Res Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of Brimonidine Tartrate Ophthalmic Solution, 0.025% for Treatment of Ocular Redness.
2017 J Clin Aesthet Dermatol Topical a-Agonist Therapy for Persistent Facial Erythema of Rosacea and the Addition of Oxmetazoline to the Treatment Armamentarium: Where Are We Now?
2018 Hypertension Probenecid Inhibits α-Adrenergic Receptor-Mediated Vasoconstriction in the Human Leg Vasculature.
2020 Jan StatPearls Clonidine
2017 Vascul Pharmacol Renal and femoral venous blood flows are regulated by different mechanisms dependent on α-adrenergic receptor types and nitric oxide in anesthetized rats.
2017 Aug J Popul Ther Clin Pharmacol The Role of Midodrine for Hypotension Outside of the Intensive Care Unit.
2018 Adv Med Sci The influence of low level laser irradiation on vascular reactivity.
2017 Sep Exp Physiol TRPV1 channels in human skeletal muscle feed arteries: implications for vascular function.
2017 Aug J Physiol Sympatholytic effect of intravascular ATP is independent of nitric oxide, prostaglandins, Na+ K+ -ATPase and KIR channels in humans.
2017 Pflugers Arch Nerve-induced responses of mouse vaginal smooth muscle.
2017 Patient Prefer Adherence Patient satisfaction with fixed-combination bimatoprosttimolol ophthalmic solution: a survey study in patients with glaucoma in China.
2017 Yale J Biol Med Novel Pharmacologic Candidates for Treatment of Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma.
2017 Front Cell Dev Biol Bioengineering Approaches to Mature Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes.
2017 Jul Am J Physiol Renal Physiol Maternal separation diminishes α-adrenergic receptor density and function in renal vasculature from male Wistar-Kyoto rats.
2017 Mar BMC Anesthesiol Midodrine as adjunctive port for treatment of refractory hypotension in the intensive care unit: a multicenter, randomized, placebo controlled trial (the MIDAS trial).
2017 J Hypertens Race and sex differences in cardiovascular α-adrenergic and β-adrenergic receptor responsiveness in men and women with high blood pressure.
2017 J Burn Care Res Cardiovascular Responsiveness to Vasopressin and α1-Adrenergic Receptor Agonists After Burn Injury.
2016 Parkinsonism Relat Disord Apomorphine - pharmacological properties and clinical trials in Parkinson's disease.
2017 Dermatol Surg Effect of Low-Concentration, Nonmydriatic Selective Alpha-Adrenergic Agonist Eyedrops on Upper Eyelid Position.
2016 Skin Appendage Disord Rosacea Management.
2016 Neurochem Int Stimulation of spinal dorsal horn β2-adrenergic receptor ameliorates neuropathic mechanical hypersensitivity through a reduction of phosphorylation of microglial p38 MAP kinase and astrocytic c-jun N-terminal kinase.
2016 Dec J Biol Chem Receptor Species-dependent Desensitization Controls KCNQ1KCNE1 K+ Channels as Downstream Effectors of Gq Protein-coupled Receptors.
2016 Sep Toxins (Basel) Vasoactivity and Vasoconstriction Changes in Cattle Related to Time off Toxic Endophyte-Infected Tall Fescue.
2016 J Am Acad Child Adolesc P... Effects of d-Methylphenidate, Guanfacine, and Their Combination on Electroencephalogram Resting State Spectral Power in Attention-DeficitHyperactivity Disorder.
2016 Korean J Pain Tapentadol: Can It Kill Two Birds with One Stone without Breaking Windows?
2016 PLoS One Phenylephrine Decreases Vascular Tension in Goat Arteries in Specific Circumstances.
2016 Peptides Anxiolytic effect of the GPR103 receptor agonist peptide P550 (homolog of neuropeptide 26RFa) in mice. Involvement of neurotransmitters.
2016 Jun Am J Physiol Heart Circ P... Pregnancy-associated adaptations in [Ca2+]i-dependent and Ca2+ sensitization mechanisms of venous contraction: implications in pregnancy-related venous disorders.
2016 May Cochrane Database Syst Rev Alpha₂-adrenergic agonists for the management of opioid withdrawal.