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Recent literature: Iron chelator
Date Journal Article title
2019 Aug Arch Toxicol Management of oxidative stress and other pathologies in Alzheimer's disease.
2019 Hematology The challenges of handling deferasirox in sickle cell disease patients older than 40 years.
2019 Aug Water Res Effect of chelators on the production and nature of the reactive intermediates formed in Fe(II) activated peroxydisulfate and hydrogen peroxide processes.
2019 J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem Dual-target anti-Alzheimer's disease agents with both iron ion chelating and monoamine oxidase-B inhibitory activity.
2019 Drug Des Devel Ther A randomized controlled trial evaluating the effects of amlodipine on myocardial iron deposition in pediatric patients with thalassemia major.
2019 Aug Sci Rep Dexras1 Deletion and Iron Chelation Promote Neuroprotection in Experimental Optic Neuritis.
2019 Aug Infect Immun Potential mechanisms of mucin-enhanced iAcinetobacter baumanniii virulence in the mouse model of intraperitoneal infection.
2019 Aug Antimicrob Agents Chemother The siderophore transporter Sit1 determines susceptibility to the antifungal VL-2397.
2019 Jul Environ Pollut PM2.5 induces ferroptosis in human endothelial cells through iron overload and redox imbalance.
2019 Aug Biosci Biotechnol Biochem 4-iOi-methylascochlorin stabilizes hypoxia-inducible factor-1 in a manner different from hydroxylase inhibition by iron chelating or strate competition.
2019 May J Inorg Biochem Iron and other metals in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease: Toxic effects and possible detoxification.
2019 Jul Biometals A direct comparison of divalent metal-ion transporter (DMT1) and hinokitiol, a potential small molecule replacement.
2019 Jul Platelets Antiplatelet activity of deferiprone through cyclooxygenase-1 inhibition.
2019 Jul Adv Healthc Mater Silk Hydrogels Crosslinked by the Fenton Reaction.
2019 Am J Gastroenterol ACG Clinical Guideline: Hereditary Hemochromatosis.
2018 Biochim Biophys Acta Gen ... Laying Down a Solid "Iron Foundation": Professor Erica Baker.
2019 Jul Eur J Med Chem Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of hydroxypyridinone-coumarin hybrids as multimodal monoamine oxidase B inhibitors and iron chelates against Alzheimer's disease.
2019 J Photochem Photobiol B Synthesis of surface modified Fe3O4 er paramagnetic nanoparticles for ultra sound examination and magnetic resonance imaging for cancer treatment.
2019 Oxid Med Cell Longev Ferritinophagic Flux Activation in CT26 Cells Contributed to EMT Inhibition Induced by a Novel Iron Chelator, DpdtpA.
2019 Mediterr J Hematol Infect... Economic Evaluation of Chelation Regimens for β-Thalassemia Major: a Systematic Review.
2019 Jul Phys Chem Chem Phys The folding equilibria of enterobactin enantiomers and their interaction with actinides.
2019 Aug ACS Chem Biol The Clinically Used Iron Chelator Deferasirox Is an Inhibitor of Epigenetic JumonjiC Domain-Containing Histone Demethylases.
2019 Jul Acta Pharmacol Sin Somatic and germline mutations in the tumor pressor gene PARK2 impair PINK1Parkin-mediated mitophagy in lung cancer cells.
2019 Jun Nutrients Investigation of Nicotianamine and 2' Deoxymugineic Acid as Enhancers of Iron Bioavailability in Caco-2 Cells.
2019 Front Microbiol Proline Increases Pigment Production to Improve Oxidative Stress Tolerance and Biocontrol Ability of iMetschnikowia citriensisi.
2019 Jun Infect Disord Drug Targets Monoterpenoid Geraniol improves anti-TB drug efficiency by interfering with lipidome and virulence of mycobacteria.
2019 Oct Toxicol Lett Deferoxamine inhibits iron-uptake stimulated osteoclast differentiation by pressing electron transport chain and MAPKs signaling.
2019 Sep J Bacteriol Overcoming Iron Deficiency of an Escherichia coli itonBi Mutant by Increasing Outer Membrane Permeability.
2019 Front Plant Sci Nicotianamine Synthesis by iOsNAS3i Is Important for Mitigating Iron Excess Stress in Rice.
2019 Jun J Microbiol Biotechnol Gallium(III) Nitrate Inhibits Pathogenic iVibrio splendidusi Vs by Interfering with the Iron Uptake Pathway.
2019 Onco Targets Ther Deferoxamine-induced high expression of TfR1 and DMT1 enhanced iron uptake in triple-negative breast cancer cells by activating IL-6PI3KAKT pathway.
2019 Antimicrob Agents Chemother Antibiotic-Resistant iAcinetobacter baumanniii Is Susceptible to the Novel Iron-Sequestering Anti-infective DIBI iIn Vitroi and in Experimental Pneumonia in Mice.
2019 Biocontrol Sci Bactericidal Effects of Oxidative Stress Generated by EDTA-Fe and Hydrogen Peroxide.
2019 Lancet Neurol Safety and efficacy of deferiprone for pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration: a randomised, double-blind, controlled trial and an open-label extension study.
2019 May Open Access Maced J Med Sci New Advances in Evaluation of Hearing in a Sample of Egyptian Children with β-Thalassemia Major.
2019 Jun Stem Cell Res Ther Deferasirox drives ROS-mediated differentiation and induces interferon-stimulated gene expression in human healthy haematopoietic stemprogenitor cells and in leukemia cells.
2019 Heliyon Effects of endodontic irrigants on blood and blood-stained dentin.
2019 Oxid Med Cell Longev p53-Mediated PI3KAKTmTOR Pathway Played a Role in PtoxDpt-Induced EMT Inhibition in Liver Cancer Cell Lines.
2019 Jun Am J Physiol Renal Physiol Renal Iron Accelerates the Progression of Diabetic Nephropathy in HFE (High Fe-iron) Gene Knockout Mouse Model of Iron Overload.
2019 Jun World J Microbiol Biotechnol Characterization of Aspergillus niger siderophore that mediates bioleaching of rare earth elements from phosphorites.
2019 Expert Opin Investig Drugs Prospects for the introduction of targeted antioxidant drugs for the prevention and treatment of diseases related to free radical pathology.
2019 Jun Tissue Eng Part B Rev Deferoxamine: An Angiogenic and Antioxidant Molecule for Tissue Regeneration.
2019 Exp Hematol PSC-RED and MNC-RED: Albumin-free and low-transferrin robust erythroid differentiation protocols to produce human enucleated red blood cells.
2019 Jul Environ Sci Technol Relative Reactivity and Bioavailability of Mercury Sorbed to or Coprecipitated with Aged Iron Sulfides.
2019 Jun Int J Cancer Targeting ferroptosis in rhabdomyosarcoma cells.
2019 Jul Metallomics Dimers of glutaredoxin 2 as mitochondrial redox sensors in selenite-induced oxidative stress.
2019 Jun J Leukoc Biol The commensal bacterium Bacteroides fragilis down-regulates ferroportin expression and alters iron homeostasis in macrophages.
2019 Chemosphere Treatment of petroleum hydrocarbons contaminated soil by Fenton like oxidation.
2019 Jul Int J Pharm Thermo-sensitive keratin hydrogel against iron-induced brain injury after experimental intracerebral hemorrhage.
2019 May Ear Nose Throat J Olfactory Dysfunction in β Thalassemia Major Patients Treated With Iron-Chelating Agents.
2019 May Crit Rev Anal Chem Determination of Iron Chelating Agents by Analytical Methods: A Review.
2019 May AMB Express Comparison of five bacterial strains producing siderophores with ability to chelate iron under alkaline conditions.
2019 May ACS Cent Sci Design of Safe Nanotherapeutics for the Excretion of Excess Systemic Toxic Iron.
2019 J Clin Biochem Nutr NUPR1 acts as a pro-survival factor in human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells and is induced by the hypoxia mimetic reagent deferoxamine.
2019 Magn Reson Imaging MRI imaging and histopathological study of brain iron overload of β-thalassemic mice.
2019 Cell Death Discov Lysosomotropic challenge of mast cells causes intra-granular reactive oxygen species production.
2019 Int J Nanomedicine The influence of female mice age on biodistribution and biocompatibility of citrate-coated magnetic nanoparticles.
2019 Methods Mol Biol Generation of Metal-Depleted Conditions for In Vitro Growth of Neisseria gonorrhoeae.
2019 Ann Hematol Efficacy and safety of oral deferasirox treatment for transfusional iron overload in pure red cell aplasia patients after allogeneic stem cell transplantation.
2019 Front Plant Sci Characterization of the Nicotianamine Exporter ENA1 in Rice.
2019 Chemosphere Rapid removal of acesulfame potassium by acid-activated ferrate(VI) under mild alkaline conditions.
2019 J Trace Elem Med Biol Heavy metal toxicity: An update of chelating therapeutic strategies.
2019 Chemosphere The role of photodegradation in the environmental fate of hydroxychloroquine.
2019 J Ayub Med Coll Abbottabad Efficacy Of Interrupted And Modified Deferasirox Dose Among Paediatric Patients With Β- Thalassemia Major And High Alanine Aminotransferase Level.
2019 May Polymers (Basel) Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Functionalized with Polymer Ligand for T1-Weighted MRI In Vitro and In Vivo.
2019 May Cells Strategies to Interfere with Tumor Metabolism through the Interplay of Innate and Adaptive Immunity.
2019 May World Neurosurg Deferoxamine Alleviates Iron Overload and Brain Injury in a Rat Model of Brainstem Hemorrhage.
2019 PLoS One Intermicrobial interaction: Aspergillus fumigatus siderophores protect against competition by Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
2019 Jul Plant Cell Physiol Iron Biofortification of Staple Crops: Lessons and Challenges in Plant Genetics.
2019 Apr Int J Mol Sci Aerosolized Bovine Lactoferrin Counteracts Infection, Inflammation and Iron Dysbalance in A Cystic Fibrosis Mouse Model of iPseudomonas aeruginosai Chronic Lung Infection.
2019 Int J Nanomedicine 68Ga-radiolabeled bombesin-conjugated to trimethyl chitosan-coated erparamagnetic nanoparticles for molecular imaging: preparation, characterization and biological evaluation.
2019 An Acad Bras Cienc Evaluation of the antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of 7-hydroxy-4', 6-dimethoxy-isoflavone and essential oil from Myroxylon peruiferum L.f.
2019 PLoS One Curcumin induces mild anemia in a DSS-induced colitis mouse model maintained on an iron-sufficient diet.
2019 Environ Sci Pollut Res Int Fe-Mn-Ce oxide-modified biochar composites as efficient adsorbents for removing As(III) from water: adsorption performance and mechanisms.
2019 Apr Sci Rep Iron deficiency disrupts embryonic haematopoiesis but not the endothelial to haematopoietic transition.