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Recent literature: Estrogen receptor antagonist
Date Journal Article title
2019 Nov Cell Chem Biol A Selective Ligand for Estrogen Receptor Proteins Discriminates Rapid and Genomic Signaling.
2019 Oct iScience Androgen Receptor Is a Non-canonical Inhibitor of Wild-Type and Mutant Estrogen Receptors in Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancers.
2019 J Ginseng Res Ginsenoside Rg1 activates ligand-independent estrogenic effects via rapid estrogen receptor signaling pathway.
2019 Nov Cell Commun Signal GREM1 is associated with metastasis and predicts poor prognosis in ER-negative breast cancer patients.
2019 Nov Toxicol Lett Metalloestrogenic effects of cadmium are absent in long-term estrogen-deprived MCF-7 cells: evidence for the involvement of constitutively activated estrogen receptor α and very low expression of G protein-coupled estrogen receptor 1.
2019 Nov Can J Physiol Pharmacol Depolarization of pacemaker potentials by caffeic acid phenethyl ester in interstitial cells of Cajal from the murine small intestine.
2019 Oct Bone The effect of oestrogen on mandibular condylar cartilage via hypoxia-inducible factor-2α during osteoarthritis development.
2019 Bratisl Lek Listy Atorvastatin enhances anti-apoptotic effects of tamoxifen on melanoma cancer cells.
2019 Oct Genes Brain Behav The effects of tamoxifen on mouse behavior.
2019 Oct Biomol Ther (Seoul) Involvement of Estrogen Receptor-α in the Activation of Nrf2-Antioxidative Signaling Pathways by Silibinin in Pancreatic β-Cells.
2012 LiverTox: Clinical and Re... Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators
2019 Oct Br J Pharmacol Activation of estrogen receptor α induces a novel form of long-term potentiation at hippocampal temporoammonic-CA1 synapses.
2019 Oct Int J Mol Sci A Novel Mechanism of S-equol Action in Neurons and Astrocytes: The Possible Involvement of GPR30GPER1.
2019 Front Oncol Treatment of Breast Cancer With Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Analogs.
2019 Oct Cancer Lett Three-dimensional oxabicycloheptene sulfonate targets the homologous recombination and repair programmes through estrogen receptor α antagonism.
2019 Oct Nutrients Equol Pretreatment Protection of SH-SY5Y Cells against Aβ (25-35)-Induced Cytotoxicity and Cell-Cycle Reentry via Sustaining Estrogen Receptor Alpha Expression.
2019 Diabetes Metab Syndr Obes Estrogen receptor inhibition enhances cold-induced adipocyte beiging and glucose tolerance.
2019 Oct J Thorac Oncol Inhibiting Pathways Predicted From a Steroid Hormone Gene Signature Yields Synergistic Antitumor Effects in NSCLC.
2019 Nov Horm Behav Reducing luteinizing hormone levels after ovariectomy improves spatial memory: Possible role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor.
2019 PLoS Biol The developmental Wnt signaling pathway effector β-cateninTCF mediates hepatic functions of the sex hormone estradiol in regulating lipid metabolism.
2019 Oct Exp Eye Res The neuroprotective effects of novel estrogen receptor GPER1 in mouse retinal ganglion cell degeneration.
2019 Oct Sci Rep Unraveling FATP1, regulated by ER-β, as a targeted breast cancer innovative therapy.
2019 eNeuro Neuroestrogen-Dependent Transcriptional Activity in the Brains of ERE-Luciferase Reporter Mice following Short- and Long-Term Ovariectomy.
2019 Sep Breast Cancer Res Treat Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analysis of fulvestrant in preclinical models of breast cancer to assess the importance of its estrogen receptor-α degrader activity in antitumor efficacy.
2019 Reprod Biomed Online Oxytocin antagonism reverses the effects of high oestrogen levels and oxytocin on decidualization and cyclooxygenase activity in endometrial tissues.
2019 Sep Pharmaceuticals (Basel) Tamoxifen Protects from Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Infection.
2019 Sep J Mol Endocrinol Low Dose Bisphenol-A Regulates Inflammatory Cytokines through GPR30 in Mammary Adipose Cells.
2019 Nov Eur J Pharmacol ER-mediated anti-tumor effects of shikonin on breast cancer.
2019 Oct ACS Chem Neurosci Activation of G-Protein-Coupled Receptor 30 Protects Neurons against Excitotoxicity through Inhibiting Excessive Autophagy Induced by Glutamate.
2019 Sep Mol Cell Endocrinol The effects of acute BPA exposure on skeletal muscle mitochondrial function and glucose metabolism.
2019 Sep Am J Physiol Cell Physiol cGMP-dependent protein kinase II determines beta-catenin accumulation essential for uterine decidualization in mice.
2019 Sep Steroids Rapid signalling responses via the G protein-coupled estrogen receptor, GPER, in a hippocampal cell line.
2019 Am J Transl Res Cnidium lactone stimulates osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells via BMP-2smad-signaling cascades mediated by estrogen receptor.
2019 Sep Geroscience Tamoxifen induction of Cre recombinase does not cause long-lasting or sexually divergent responses in the CNS epigenome or transcriptome: implications for the design of aging studies.
2019 Alcohol Clin Exp Res Effects of Alcohol and Estrogen Receptor Blockade Using ICI 182,780 on Bone in Ovariectomized Rats.
2019 Arch Toxicol A nongenomic mechanism for "metalloestrogenic" effects of cadmium in human uterine leiomyoma cells through G protein-coupled estrogen receptor.
2019 Dec Adv Physiol Educ Altering rat sexual behavior to teach hormonal regulation of brain imprinting.
2019 PLoS One 17-β estradiol exerts anti-inflammatory effects through activation of Nrf2 in mouse embryonic fibroblasts.
2019 Front Oncol Novel Diphenylamine Analogs Induce Mesenchymal to Epithelial Transition in Triple Negative Breast Cancer.
2019 Aug Int J Environ Res Public ... The Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals on Biomarkers of Inflammation Produced by Lipopolysaccharide Stimulated RAW264.7 Macrophages.
2019 Oct Toxicol Appl Pharmacol Differential activity of BPA, BPAF and BPC on zebrafish estrogen receptors in vitro and in vivo.
2019 Dec J Clin Endocrinol Metab Treatment of Menopausal Vasomotor Symptoms With Fezolinetant, a Neurokinin 3 Receptor Antagonist: A Phase 2a Trial.
2019 Aug Sci Rep Involvement of the P2X7 receptor in the migration and metastasis of tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer: effects on small extracellular vesicles production.
2019 Oct Mol Cell Endocrinol Aldosterone, STX and amyloid-β1-42 peptides modulate GPER (GPR30) signalling in an embryonic mouse hippocampal cell line (mHippoE-18).
2019 Int Immunopharmacol Estradiol inhibits fMLP-induced neutrophil migration and eroxide production by upregulating MKP-2 and dephosphorylating ERK.
2019 Oct Am J Physiol Gastrointest... Sex differences in GABAergic neurotransmission to rat DMV neurons.
2019 Aug J Periodontol Role of testosterone and androgen receptor in periodontal disease progression in female rats.
2019 Hypertension Estrogen Receptor-β Mediates Estradiol-Induced Pregnancy-Specific Uterine Artery Endothelial Cell Angiotensin Type-2 Receptor Expression.
2019 Cancer Discov Effects on Estrogen Receptor Mobility Underlie Antagonist Activity.
2019 Jul Skelet Muscle Estrogen signaling effects on muscle-specific immune responses through controlling the recruitment and function of macrophages and T cells.
2019 PeerJ Evaluating the oestrogenic activities of aqueous root extract of iAsparagus africanusi Lam in female Sprague-Dawley rats and its phytochemical screening using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GCMS).
2019 Jul Breast Cancer Res Glucocorticoid receptor modulation decreases ER-positive breast cancer cell proliferation and presses wild-type and mutant ER chromatin association.
2019 Jul J Clin Med Leptin Modulates Exosome Biogenesis in Breast Cancer Cells: An Additional Mechanism in Cell-to-Cell Communication.
2019 Int J Oncol CXCL1 stimulates migration and invasion in ER‑negative breast cancer cells via activation of the ERKMMP29 signaling axis.
2019 Sep Eur J Pharmacol Ginsenoside Rb1 inhibits vascular calcification as a selective androgen receptor modulator.
2019 Am J Clin Exp Urol Estrogen receptor alpha differentially modulates host immunity in the bladder and kidney in response to urinary tract infection.
2019 J Pain Res Anxiety-induced hyperalgesia in female rats is mediated by cholecystokinin 2 receptor in rostral ventromedial medulla and spinal 5-hydroxytryptamine 2B receptor.
2019 Environ Res Effects of bifenthrin on sex differentiation in Japanese Medaka (Oryzias latipes).
2019 Biomed Pharmacother A nutraceutical composition containing diosmin and hesperidin has osteogenic and anti-resorptive effects and expands the anabolic window of teriparatide.
2019 J Cell Biochem The androgen receptor antagonist enzalutamide induces apoptosis, dysregulates the heat shock protein system, and diminishes the androgen receptor and estrogen receptor β1 expression in prostate cancer cells.
2019 Fitoterapia Estrogenic phytochemical from Labisia pumila (Myrsinaceae) with selectivity towards estrogen receptor alpha and beta types.
2019 Exp Neurol Activation of GPR30 with G1 attenuates neuronal apoptosis via srcEGFRstat3 signaling pathway after arachnoid hemorrhage in male rats.
2019 Environ Toxicol Chem An Approach for Using In Vitro and In Silico Data to Identify Pharmaceuticals with Potential (Anti-)Estrogenic Activity in Aquatic Vertebrates at Environmentally Relevant Concentrations.
2019 Jul Sci Rep Discovery of novel oestrogen receptor α agonists and antagonists by screening a revisited privileged structure moiety for nuclear receptors.
2019 Aug Biochem Biophys Res Commun Tamoxifen acts on Trypanosoma cruzi sphingolipid pathway triggering an apoptotic death process.
2019 Jul Cancers (Basel) Mir526b and Mir655 Promote Tumour Associated Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis in Breast Cancer.
2019 Nurs Womens Health Elagolix as a Novel Treatment for Endometriosis-Related Pain.
2019 Aug Neuroscience Estradiol Acts in Lateral Thalamic Region to Attenuate Varicella Zoster Virus Associated Affective Pain.
2019 Anim Reprod Sci Do G-protein coupled estrogen receptor and bisphenol A analogs influence on Leydig cell epigenetic regulation in immature boar testis ex vivo?
2019 Calcif Tissue Int Bazedoxifene Ameliorates Homocysteine-Induced Apoptosis via NADPH Oxidase-Interleukin 1β and 6 Pathway in Osteocyte-like Cells.
2019 J Bone Oncol The bone metastasis niche in breast cancer-potential overlap with the haematopoietic stem cell niche iin vivoi.
2019 Jun Brain Sci Activation of Membrane Estrogen Receptors Attenuates NOP-Mediated Tactile Antihypersensitivity in a Rodent Model of Neuropathic Pain.
2019 J Neuroendocrinol Oestrogen and androgen receptor activation contribute to the masculinisation of oxytocin receptors in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis of rats.
2019 Sep Toxicol Appl Pharmacol Predicting estrogen receptor binding of chemicals using a suite of in silico methods - Complementary approaches of (Q)SAR, molecular docking and molecular dynamics.
2019 Jun Aging (Albany NY) Long-time qingyan formula extract treatment exerts estrogenic activities on reproductive tissues without side effects in ovariectomized rats and via active ER to ERE-independent gene regulation.