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Recent literature: PI3K inhibitor
Date Journal Article title
2019 J BUON miR-3175 and miR-134 affect proliferation, invasion and apoptosis of glioma cells through PI3KAKT signaling pathway.
2020 Jan Mol Ther Nucleic Acids A Discovery of Clinically Approved Formula FBRP for Repositioning to Treat HCC by Inhibiting PI3KAKTNF-κB Activation.
2020 Jan Osteoarthritis Cartilage Macrophages regulate the progression of osteoarthritis.
2020 Jan J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol Molecular docking, anti-proliferative activity and induction of apoptosis in human liver cancer cells treated with androstane derivatives: Implication of PI3KAKTmTOR pathway.
2020 Jan Life Sci Effect of resveratrol combined with atorvastatin on re-endothelialization after drug-eluting stents implantation and the underlying mechanism.
2020 Jan Exp Cell Res Overexpressed CES2 has prognostic value in CRC and knockdown CES2 reverses L-OHP-resistance in CRC cells by inhibition of the PI3K signaling pathway.
2020 Jan J Cell Physiol Mechanical stretch activates glycometabolism-related enzymes via estrogen in C2 C12 myoblasts.
2020 Mol Med Rep CYP2E1 changes the biological function of gastric cancer cells via the PI3KAktmTOR signaling pathway.
2020 Mol Med Rep Polyphyllin VII induces apoptotic cell death via inhibition of the PI3KAkt and NF‑κB pathways in A549 human lung cancer cells.
2020 Jan Mol Cancer Ther Macrophage Syk-PI3Kγ inhibits anti-tumor immunity: SRX3207, a novel dual Syk-PI3K inhibitory chemotype relieves tumor immunopression.
2020 Jan Biochem Biophys Res Commun Zinc induces iron egress from intestinal Caco-2 cells via induction of Hephaestin: A role for PI3K in intestinal iron absorption.
2020 Jan J Mol Cell Cardiol LCK inhibitor attenuates atherosclerosis in ApoE-- mice via regulating T cell differentiation and reverse cholesterol transport.
2020 Jan Cell Death Dis Cross-talk between autophagy and apoptosis regulates testicular injuryrecovery induced by cadmium via PI3K with mTOR-independent pathway.
2019 Dec Zhong Nan Da Xue Xue Bao ... [Protective effects and mechanisms of Xingnaojing Injection on early global brain ischemic-induced deep coma in rats].
2020 Jan Clin Cancer Res PI3K inhibitors curtail MYC-dependent mutant p53 gain-of-function in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
2020 Jan Clin Cancer Res Everolimus and Octreotide for Patients with Recurrent Meningioma: Results from the Phase II CEVOREM Trial.
2020 Jan Clin Cancer Res Efficacy and Safety of Duvelisib Following Disease Progression on Ofatumumab in Patients with RelapsedRefractory CLL or SLL in the DUO Crossover Extension Study.
2020 Jan Nutrients The Preparation of Ginsenoside Rg5, Its Antitumor Activity against Breast Cancer Cells and Its Targeting of PI3K.
2020 Jan Toxicol In Vitro Combined SRPK and AKT pharmacological inhibition is synergistic in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells.
2020 Jan Am J Physiol Renal Physiol Inhibition of PDE4PDE4B improves renal function and ameliorates inflammation in cisplatin-induced acute kidney injury.
2020 Jan J Cell Biochem All-trans-retinoid acid induces the differentiation of P19 cells into neurons involved in the PI3KAktGSK3β signaling pathway.
2020 Neural Regen Res MicroRNA-181c provides neuroprotection in an intracerebral hemorrhage model.
2020 Jan Cancer Med Rational application of targeted therapeutics in mucinous colonappendix cancers with positive predictive factors.
2020 Jan Food Funct Human-origin Lactobacillus salivarius AR809 protects against immunopression in S. aureus-induced pharyngitis via Akt-mediated NF-κB and autophagy signaling pathways.
2020 Cell Adh Migr BST2 regulates interferon gamma-dependent decrease in invasion of HTR-8SVneo cells via STAT1 and AKT signaling pathways and expression of E-cadherin.
2020 Cancer Med Antitumor activity of celastrol by inhibition of proliferation, invasion, and migration in cholangiocarcinoma via PTENPI3KAkt pathway.
2020 Jan J Cell Mol Med Bromodomain and extraterminal domain inhibitor enhances the antitumor effect of imatinib in gastrointestinal stromal tumours.
2020 Pharmacol Res Perspect Immunological characterization of HM5023507, an orally active PI3Kδγ inhibitor.
2020 Respirol Case Rep Squamous cell transformation as a mechanism of acquired resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitor in EGFR-mutated lung adenocarcinoma: a report of two cases.
2020 Jan Exp Hematol Panobinostat and venetoclax enhance the cytotoxicity of gemcitabine, busulfan, and melphalan in multiple myeloma cells.
2020 Jan J Clin Med Induction of HO-1 by Mevastatin Mediated via a NoxROS-Dependent c-SrcPDGFRαPI3KAktNrf2ARE Cascade Suppresses TNF-α-Induced Lung Inflammation.
2020 Jan Chem Biodivers BF12, a novel benzofuran, exhibits anti-tumor activity by inhibiting microtubules and the PI3KAktmTOR signaling pathway in human cervical cancer cells.
2018 Int J Clin Exp Pathol Melatonin alleviates hypoxia-induced cardiac apoptosis through PI3KAkt pathway.
2020 J Cancer FGF14 Functions as a Tumor Suppressor through Inhibiting PI3KAKTmTOR Pathway in Colorectal Cancer.
2019 Dec Nutr Res Scopoletin increases glucose uptake through activation of PI3K and AMPK signaling pathway and improves insulin sensitivity in 3T3-L1 cells.
2020 Jan Clin Cancer Res First-in-human Phase I study to evaluate the brain-penetrant PI3KmTOR inhibitor GDC-0084 in patients with progressive or recurrent high-grade glioma.
2020 Jan Cancers (Basel) Roles of TrkC Signaling in the Regulation of Tumorigenicity and Metastasis of Cancer.
2020 Jan Neuroscience Tolerance Induced by DHPG Postconditioning is Mediated by the PI3KAktGSK3β Signalling Pathway in an In Vitro Model of Cerebral Ischemia.
2019 Am J Transl Res A combination of low-dose decitabine and chidamide resulted in synergistic effects on the proliferation and apoptosis of human myeloid leukemia cell lines.
2019 Am J Transl Res BEZ235 enhances chemosensitivity of paclitaxel in hepatocellular carcinoma through inhibiting the PI3KAktmTOR pathway.
2019 Int J Clin Exp Pathol HSP70 inhibitor VER155008 presses pheochromocytoma cell and xenograft growth by inhibition of PI3KAKTmTOR and MEKERK pathways.
2019 Int J Clin Exp Pathol Osteoprotegerin promotes islet β cell proliferation in intrauterine growth retardation rats through the PI3KAKTFoxO1 pathway.
2019 Int J Clin Exp Pathol Activation of cannabinoid receptor type 2 reduces lung ischemia reperfusion injury through PI3KAkt pathway.
2019 Jun Clin Breast Cancer A Phase II Open Label Study of Everolimus in Combination With Endocrine Therapy in Resistant Hormone Receptor-Positive HER2-Negative Advanced Breast Cancer.
2020 Jan Exp Neurol Recombinant OX40 attenuates neuronal apoptosis through OX40-OX40LPI3KAKT signaling pathway following arachnoid hemorrhage in rats.
2019 Ann Oncol Efficacy of PI3K inhibitors in advanced breast cancer.
2020 Jan Thyroid A novel tyrosine kinase inhibitor can augment radioactive iodine uptake through endogenous sodiumiodide symporter (NIS) expression in anaplastic thyroid cancer.
2020 Jan Arch Biochem Biophys Highly-expressed micoRNA-21 in adipose derived stem cell exosomes can enhance the migration and proliferation of the HaCaT cells by increasing the MMP-9 expression through the PI3KAKT pathway.
2019 Aug Commun Biol TRAF6 maintains mammary stem cells and promotes pregnancy-induced mammary epithelial cell expansion.
2020 Jan Clin Cancer Res Proteomic analysis of CSF from patients with leptomeningeal melanoma metastases identifies signatures associated with disease progression and therapeutic resistance.
2019 Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) CRF1 Receptor Signaling via the ERK12-MAP and Akt Kinase Cascades: Roles of Src, EGF Receptor, and PI3-Kinase Mechanisms.
2019 Cancer Manag Res Silencing of Peroxiredoxin 1 Inhibits the Proliferation of Esophageal Cancer Cells and Promotes Apoptosis by Inhibiting the Activity of the PI3KAKT Pathway.
2019 Onco Targets Ther ARHGAP10 Inhibits the Proliferation and Metastasis of CRC Cells via Blocking the Activity of RhoAAKT Signaling Pathway.
2019 Drug Des Devel Ther Inhibition of Disruptor of Telomeric Silencing 1-Like Alleviated Renal Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury-Induced Fibrosis by Blocking PI3KAKT-Mediated Oxidative Stress.
2020 Jan Environ Int PI3KAktFoxO pathway mediates glycolytic metabolism in HepG2 cells exposed to triclosan (TCS).
2020 Biomed Pharmacother Salidroside induces apoptosis and protective autophagy in human gastric cancer AGS cells through the PI3KAktmTOR pathway.
2020 Biomed Pharmacother GPR174 pression attenuates retinopathy in angiotensin II (Ang II)-treated mice by reducing inflammation via PI3KAKT signaling.
2019 Dec Nutr Res From tea to treatment; epigallocatechin gallate and its potential involvement in minimizing the metabolic changes in cancer.
2020 Jan EMBO Mol Med Anti-tumor effects of PIMPI3KmTOR triple kinase inhibitor IBL-302 in neuroblastoma.
2020 Jan J Physiol Biochem Rosuvastatin protects isolated hearts against ischemia-reperfusion injury: role of Akt-GSK-3β, metabolic environment, and mitochondrial permeability transition pore.
2020 Jan Anticancer Drugs miR-21 modulates cisplatin resistance of gastric cancer cells by inhibiting autophagy via the PI3KAktmTOR pathway.
2020 Jan J Cell Physiol Neratinib degrades MST4 via autophagy that reduces membrane stiffness and is essential for the inactivation of PI3K, ERK12, and YAPTAZ signaling.
2019 Am J Cancer Res ER+ metastatic breast cancer: past, present, and a prescription for an apoptosis-targeted future.
2020 Jan Mol Cancer Ther Efficacy of FGFR inhibitors and combination therapies for acquired resistance in FGFR2-fusion cholangiocarcinoma.
2020 Jan Transl Oncol VCAM-1 Upregulation Contributes to Insensitivity of Vemurafenib in BRAF-Mutant Thyroid Cancer.
2020 Jan Cell Signal Enhanced signaling via ERBB3PI3K plays a compensatory survival role in pancreatic tumor cells exposed to [neratinib + valproate].
2020 PLoS One Effects of CK2β unit down-regulation on Akt signalling in HK-2 renal cells.
2020 Jan Am J Physiol Endocrinol M... Down-regulation of microRNA-873 attenuates insulin resistance and myocardial injury in rats with gestational diabetes mellitus by up-regulating IGFBP2.
2020 Chin Med IRS1PI3KAKT pathway signal involved in the regulation of glycolipid metabolic abnormalities by Mulberry (iMorus albai L.) leaf extracts in 3T3-L1 adipocytes.
2019 Dec Int J Mol Sci Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Expression Associated with Cell Migration in Rat Brain Astrocytes.
2019 Dec Cancers (Basel) Human Tumor-Derived Matrix Improves the Predictability of Head and Neck Cancer Drug Testing.
2020 Jan J Ethnopharmacol A combination of Semen Cuscutae and Fructus Lycii improves testicular cell proliferation and inhibits their apoptosis in rats with spermatogenic dysfunction by regulating the SCFc-kit--PI3K--Bcl-2 pathway.
2020 Jan J Cell Physiol Targeting Wntβ-catenin and PI3KAktmTOR pathways in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
2020 Jan Cancer Chemother Pharmacol Effect of dual inhibition of histone deacetylase and phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase in Philadelphia chromosome-positive leukemia cells.
2020 Jan Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch... Schizandrol A protects against Aβ1-42-induced autophagy via activation of PI3KAKTmTOR pathway in SH-SY5Y cells and primary hippocampal neurons.