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Recent literature: Glycosidase inhibitor
Date Journal Article title
2019 Jul Int J Biol Macromol Enhancement of biocompatibility and carbohydrate absorption control potential of rosmarinic acid through crosslinking into microparticles.
2019 Jul J Cell Physiol N-glycosylation of uterine endometrium determines its receptivity.
2019 Jul Biochemistry Kinetic Characterization of the C-H Activation Step for the Lipoxygenase from the Pathogenic Fungus iMagnaporthe oryzaei: Impact of N-Linked Glycosylation.
2019 Jun Org Biomol Chem Tight-binding inhibition of jack bean α-mannosidase by glycoimidazole clusters.
2019 May Biotechnol Appl Biochem Anti-diabetic properties of dietary phenolic compounds: Inhibition effects on α-Amylase, Aldose Reductase and α-Glycosidase.
2019 Aug Eur J Med Chem Exploring the effect of chirality on the therapeutic potential of N-alkyl-deoxyiminosugars: anti-inflammatory response to Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections for application in CF lung disease.
2019 J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem Benzonate derivatives of acetophenone as potent α-glucosidase inhibitors: synthesis, structure-activity relationship and mechanism.
2019 May Chem Commun (Camb) A dual-functional molecular strategy for in situ pressing and visualizing of neuraminidase in aqueous solution using iridium(iii) complexes.
2019 Jul Eur J Med Chem Discovery of novel acylhydrazone neuraminidase inhibitors.
2019 Apr Chem Rec Multivalent Effect in Glycosidase Inhibition: The End of the Beginning.
2019 Apr Molecules Modulation of Endocannabinoid-Binding Receptors in Human Neuroblastoma Cells by Tunicamycin.
2019 Apr Science Glycosidase and glycan polymorphism control hydrolytic release of immunogenic flagellin peptides.
2019 Apr J Biochem Mol Toxicol Tannic acid as a natural antioxidant compound: Discovery of a potent metabolic enzyme inhibitor for a new therapeutic approach in diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.
2019 Apr Chem Commun (Camb) Degradation-resistant trehalose analogues block utilization of trehalose by hypervirulent Clostridioides difficile.
2019 Mar Int J Mol Sci Computational Study for the Unbinding Routes of β-iNi-Acetyl-d-Hexosaminidase Inhibitor: Insight from Steered Molecular Dynamics Simulations.
2019 Mol Phylogenet Evol Mechanisms of antiviral resistance in influenza neuraminidase revealed by a mass spectrometry based phylonumerics approach.
2019 Mar Molecules Gypenoside L Inhibits Proliferation of Liver and Esophageal Cancer Cells by Inducing Senescence.
2019 Ann Hematol Single-agent daratumumab in very advanced relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma patients: a real-life single-center retrospective study.
2019 Apr J Agric Food Chem Pocket-based Lead Optimization Strategy for the Design and Synthesis of Chitinase Inhibitors.
2019 Feb Cell Mol Biol (Noisy-le-g... Antioxidant and alpha amylase inhibitory activities of Fumaria officinalis and its antidiabetic potential against alloxan induced diabetes.
2019 Mar Int J Mol Sci Exploration of Catalytic Selectivity for Aminotransferase (BtrR) Based on Multiple Molecular Dynamics Simulations.
2019 PLoS Pathog Desialylation of platelets induced by Von Willebrand Factor is a novel mechanism of platelet clearance in dengue.
2019 Mar Front Biosci (Schol Ed) Zebrafish embryo extract counteracts human stem cell senescence.
2019 Biosci Biotechnol Biochem PFG acted as an inducer of premature senescence in TIG-1 normal diploid fibroblast and an inhibitor of mitosis in the HeLa cells.
2019 Prep Biochem Biotechnol Steroidal fraction of Carissa carandas L. inhibits microbial hyaluronidase activity by mixed inhibition mechanism.
2019 Mar J Phys Chem B Structural and Thermodynamic Signatures of Ligand Binding to the Enigmatic Chitinase D of Serratia proteamaculans.
2019 Mar J Agric Food Chem Depression of Fungal Polygalacturonase Activity in Solanum lycopersicum Contributes to Antagonistic Yeast-Mediated Fruit Immunity to Botrytis.
2019 Mar J Chromatogr B Analyt Tec... Capillary electrophoresis-based online immobilized enzyme reactor for beta-glucosidase kinetics assays and inhibitors screening.
2019 Feb Molecules Antioxidant, α-Amylase and α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activities and Potential Constituents of iCanarium tramdenumi Bark.
2019 Apr Carbohydr Polym In vitro and in silico inhibition properties of fucoidan against α-amylase and α-D-glucosidase with relevance to type 2 diabetes mellitus.
2019 Environ Sci Pollut Res Int α-Amylase and α-glucosidase inhibitor effects and pancreatic response to diabetes mellitus on Wistar rats of Ephedra alata areal part decoction with immunohistochemical analyses.
2019 Anal Bioanal Chem Development of a UHPLC-MS method for inhibitor screening against α-L-1,3-fucosidase.
2019 Jan Molecules Momilactones A and B Are α-Amylase and α-Glucosidase Inhibitors.
2019 Feb Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A Cells exhibiting strong ip16i iINK4ai promoter activation in vivo display features of senescence.
2019 Jan Molecules Effectiveness of Prenyl Group on Flavonoids from iEpimedium koreanumi Nakai on Bacterial Neuraminidase Inhibition.
2019 Jan Acta Crystallogr D Struct... Structural studies of a surface-entropy reduction mutant of O-GlcNAcase.
2019 Mar Int J Pharm Immobilization of antimicrobial and anti-quorum sensing enzymes onto GMA-grafted poly(vinyl chloride) catheters.
2019 Jan Mikrochim Acta Fluorometric determination of the activity of uracil-DNA glycosylase by using graphene oxide and exonuclease I assisted signal amplification.
2019 Jan Org Biomol Chem Design, synthesis and glycosidase inhibition studies of novel triazole fused iminocyclitol-δ-lactams.
2019 Apr Talanta Enzyme immobilized on polyamidoamine-coated magnetic microspheres for α-glucosidase inhibitors screening from Radix Paeoniae Rubra extracts accompanied with molecular modeling.
2019 Bioorg Chem Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel tris-chalcones as potent carbonic anhydrase, acetylcholinesterase, butyrylcholinesterase and α-glycosidase inhibitors.
2019 Biosci Biotechnol Biochem Elucidation of an α-glucosidase inhibitor from the peel of Allium cepa by principal component analysis.
2019 Jan Int J Mol Sci In Vivo Glycan Engineering via the Mannosidase I Inhibitor (Kifunensine) Improves Efficacy of Rituximab Manufactured in iNicotiana benthamianai Plants.
2019 Adv Clin Chem Novel glomerular filtration markers.
2019 Jan BMC Cancer Anti-cancer effect of dung beetle glycosaminoglycans on melanoma.
2019 Jan Mar Drugs Effect of Pentacyclic Guanidine Alkaloids from the Sponge iMonanchora pulchrai on Activity of α-Glycosidases from Marine Bacteria.
2019 FEBS J In vivo inactivation of glycosidases by conduritol B epoxide and cyclophellitol as revealed by activity-based protein profiling.
2019 Arch Pharm (Weinheim) Aminopyrazole-stituted metallophthalocyanines: Preparation, aggregation behavior, and investigation of metabolic enzymes inhibition properties.
2019 J Physiol Sci Asparagine-linked glycosylation modifies voltage-dependent gating properties of CaV3.1-T-type Ca2+ channel.
2018 Dec Mar Drugs Two New Succinimide Derivatives Cladosporitins A and B from the Mangrove-derived Fungus iCladosporiumi sp. HNWSW-1.
2019 Feb Eur J Med Chem Boronate, trifluoroborate, sulfone, sulfinate and sulfonate congeners of oseltamivir carboxylic acid: Synthesis and anti-influenza activity.
2019 Jan Food Funct Theanine attenuates memory impairments induced by klotho gene depletion in mice.
2018 Dec Molecules Phenolic Composition, Antioxidant Properties, and Inhibition toward Digestive Enzymes with Molecular Docking Analysis of Different Fractions from Prinsepia utilis Royle Fruits.
2019 Mar N Biotechnol SpyTagSpyCatcher molecular cyclization confers protein stability and resilience to aggregation.
2018 Dec Int J Mol Sci Tannic Acid-Induced Surface-Catalyzed Secondary Nucleation during the Amyloid Fibrillation of Hen Egg-White Lysozyme.
2019 Mar Int J Biol Macromol Suppressive effect of ascophyllan HS on postprandial blood sugar level through the inhibition of α-glucosidase and stimulation of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) secretion.
2018 Dec Stem Cell Res Ther A pH probe inhibits senescence in mesenchymal stem cells.
2019 Mar Chem Asian J An Aggregation-induced Emission Probe Based on Host-Guest Inclusion Composed of the Tetraphenylethylene Motif and γ-Cyclodextrin for the Detection of α-Amylase.
2019 Feb Biol Pharm Bull A New Series of Salicylic Acid Derivatives as Non-saccharide α-Glucosidase Inhibitors and Antioxidants.
2018 Anticancer Res Effects of Global iOi-GlcNAcylation on Galectin Gene-expression Profiles in Human Cancer Cell Lines.
2019 Mar Int J Biol Macromol Inhibitory effect of phloroglucinol on α-glucosidase: Kinetics and molecular dynamics simulation integration study.
2018 PLoS One Bioinformatics: A rational combine approach used for the identification and in-vitro activity evaluation of potent β-Glucuronidase inhibitors.
2018 Dec Org Biomol Chem Meroterpene-like compounds derived from β-caryophyllene as potent α-glucosidase inhibitors.
2018 Dec Molecules iSalvia elegansi, iSalvia greggiii and iSalvia officinalisi Decoctions: Antioxidant Activities and Inhibition of Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolic Enzymes.
2019 Fitoterapia Chepraecoxins A-G, ent-Kaurane Diterpenoids with α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activities from Chelonopsis praecox.
2019 Comput Biol Chem Multifunctional approaches to provide potential pharmacophores for the pharmacy shelf: Heracleum sphondylium L. sp. ternatum (Velen.) Brummitt.
2019 Cell Mol Life Sci Identification of CD36 as a new interaction partner of membrane NEU1: potential implication in the pro-atherogenic effects of the elastin receptor complex.
2018 Nov Med Sci Monit Klotho Protein Protects Human Keratinocytes from UVB-Induced Damage Possibly by Reducing Expression and Nuclear Translocation of NF-κB.
2019 Feb Colloids Surf B Biointerf... Proline functionalized gold nanoparticles modulates lysozyme fibrillation.
2018 Biochemistry (Mosc) The Expression of Matryoshka Gene Encoding a Homologue of Kunitz Peptidase Inhibitor Is Regulated Both at the Level of Transcription and Translation.
2018 Nov Med Sci Monit Suppression of Apoptosis in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVECs) by Klotho Protein is Associated with Reduced Endoplasmic Reticulum Oxidative Stress and Activation of the PI3KAKT Pathway.
2018 Plant Sci A cupin domain is involved in α-amylase inhibitory activity.
2019 Feb Carbohydr Polym Polymeric fluorescent heparin as one-step FRET strate of human heparanase.
2018 Int J Med Sci Comparison of Oxidative Stress Effects on Senescence Patterning of Human Adult and Perinatal Tissue-Derived Stem Cells in Short and Long-term Cultures.
2018 Nov Science Small-molecule inhibitor of OGG1 presses proinflammatory gene expression and inflammation.