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Recent literature: Ca++ channel blocker
Date Journal Article title
2019 Feb Life Sci Luteolin-induced coronary arterial relaxation involves activation of the myocyte voltage-gated K+ channels and inward rectifier K+ channels.
2019 Jan Int J Cardiol Epigenetic down-regulation of BKCa channel by miR-181a contributes to the fetal and neonatal nicotine-mediated exaggerated coronary vascular tone in adult life.
2019 Feb Biol Pharm Bull Effect of selective serotonin (5-HT)2B receptor agonist BW723C86 on epidermal growth factortransforming growth factor-α receptor tyrosine kinase and ribosomal p70 S6 kinase activities in primary cultures of adult rat hepatocytes.
2018 Chin J Cancer Res Voltage-gated K+ channels promote BT-474 breast cancer cell migration.
2019 Jan Cancer Prev Res (Phila) Alpha-blockers as colorectal cancer chemopreventatives: findings from a case-control study, human cell cultures, and in vivo preclinical testing.
2019 Jan Plant Signal Behav A calcium sensor calcineurin B-like 9 negatively regulates cold tolerance via calcium signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana.
2019 Jan J Neurosci Presynaptic diversity revealed by Ca2+-permeable AMPA receptors at the Calyx of Held synapse.
2019 Jan Protoplasma Glutamate signaling enhances the heat tolerance of maize seedlings by plant glutamate receptor-like channels-mediated calcium signaling.
2019 Feb J Gen Physiol Facilitation of iIi Kr current by some hERG channel blockers presses early afterdepolarizations.
2019 Jan Sci Rep Discovering the pharmacodynamics of conolidine and cannabidiol using a cultured neuronal network based workflow.
2019 Jan J Physiol Impaired chromaffin cell excitability and exocytosis in autistic Timothy syndrome TS2-neo mouse rescued by L-type calcium channel blockers.
2019 Jan Annu Rev Pharmacol Toxicol The Potential of L-Type Calcium Channels as a Drug Target for Neuroprotective Therapy in Parkinson's Disease.
2018 Front Physiol Potential Arrhythmogenic Role of TRPC Channels and Store-Operated Calcium Entry Mechanism in Mouse Ventricular Myocytes.
2019 Brain Res Bull The ventral hippocampus is required for behavioral flexibility but not for allocentricegocentric learning.
2018 Dec Biomed Pharmacother Alpha lipoic acid attenuates hypoxia-induced apoptosis, inflammation and mitochondrial oxidative stress via inhibition of TRPA1 channel in human glioblastoma cell line.
2018 Dec Biomed Pharmacother Vasorelaxant and antihypertensive effects of Tianshu Capsule on rats: An in vitro and in vivo approach.
2018 Dec Int J Toxicol A Proof-of-Concept Evaluation of JTPc and Tp-Tec as Proarrhythmia Biomarkers in Preclinical Species: A Retrospective Analysis by an HESI-Sponsored Consortium.
2018 Dec Am J Physiol Cell Physiol Coagulation factor XI induces Ca2+ response and accelerates cell migration in vascular smooth muscle cells via proteinase-activated receptor 1.
2019 Jan Am J Physiol Heart Circ P... VNUT and VMAT2 segregate within sympathetic varicosities and localize near preferred Cav2 isoforms in the rat tail artery.
2019 Feb Toxicology Critical role of Cav3.2 T-type calcium channels in the peripheral neuropathy induced by bortezomib, a proteasome-inhibiting chemotherapeutic agent, in mice.
2019 Mar Biochim Biophys Acta Biom... Receptor- and store-operated mechanisms of calcium entry during the nanosecond electric pulse-induced cellular response.
2019 Biomed Pharmacother Polysaccharides from Portulaca oleracea L. regulated insulin secretion in INS-1 cells through voltage-gated Na+ channel.
2019 Biomed Pharmacother Ivabradine possesses anticonvulsant and neuroprotective action in mice.
2019 Biomed Pharmacother Endothelium-dependent and endothelium-independent vasorelaxant effects of tiliacorinine 12'-O-acetate and mechanisms on isolated rat aorta.
2019 Biomed Pharmacother Effects of nimodipine, vinpocetine and their combination on isoproterenol-induced myocardial infarction in rats.
2019 J Plant Physiol Orchestration of Cu-Zn SOD and class III peroxidase with upstream interplay between NADPH oxidase and PM H+-ATPase mediates root growth in Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek.
2018 Dec Andrologia The methanolic extract of Guibourtia tessmannii (caesalpiniaceae) and selenium modulate cytosolic calcium accumulation, apoptosis and oxidative stress in R2C tumour Leydig cells: Involvement of TRPV1 channels.
2019 Feb Eur J Pharmacol Arrhythmogenic β-adrenergic signaling in cardiac hypertrophy: The role of small-conductance calcium-activated potassium channels via activation of CaMKII.
2018 Dec Cardiovasc Toxicol Vildagliptin, an Anti-diabetic Drug of the DPP-4 Inhibitor, Induces Vasodilation via Kv Channel and SERCA Pump Activation in Aortic Smooth Muscle.
2018 Dec J Vet Med Sci Involvement of transient receptor potential melastatin 4 channels in the resting membrane potential setting and cholinergic contractile responses in mouse detrusor and ileal smooth muscles.
2019 J Comp Physiol B Mechanisms of Ca2+ uptake in freshwater and seawater-acclimated killifish, Fundulus heteroclitus, and their response to acute salinity transfer.
2019 Clin Toxicol (Phila) A 10-year review of single medication double-dose ingestions in the nation's largest poison control system.
2018 Front Pharmacol TRPM8 Activation via 3-Iodothyronamine Blunts VEGF-Induced Transactivation of TRPV1 in Human Uveal Melanoma Cells.
2018 Nov Molecules 8-Oxo-9-Dihydromakomakine Isolated from iAristotelia chilensisi Induces Vasodilation in Rat Aorta: Role of the Extracellular Calcium Influx.
2018 Nov Phytomedicine Vasodilator and hypotensive effects of pure compounds and hydroalcoholic extract of Xenophyllum poposum (Phil) V.A Funk (Compositae) on rats.
2019 Exp Physiol Evidence for protein kinase involvement in the 5-HT-[Ca2+ ]i -pannexin-1 signalling pathway in type II glial cells of the rat carotid body.
2018 Nov Sci Rep Electrophysiological properties of human beta-cell lines EndoC-βH1 and -βH2 conform with human beta-cells.
2019 J Cell Physiol Glutamate triggers intracellular Ca2+ oscillations and nitric oxide release by inducing NAADP- and InsP3 -dependent Ca2+ release in mouse brain endothelial cells.
2018 Nov Psychopharmacology (Berl) Using Ca2+-channel biosensors to profile amphetamines and cathinones at monoamine transporters: electro-engineering cells to detect potential new psychoactive stances.
2019 Jan Biomol Ther (Seoul) The Inhibitory Mechanism on Acetylcholine-Induced Contraction of Bladder Smooth Muscle in the Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rat.
2018 Daru New mechanisms of phenytoin in calcium homeostasis: competitive inhibition of CD38 in hippocampal cells.
2018 Nov J Neurovirol HERV-W env regulates calcium influx via activating TRPC3 channel together with depressing DISC1 in human neuroblastoma cells.
2019 Jan Eur J Pharmacol Melatonin activates BKCa channels in cerebral artery myocytes via both direct and MT receptorPKC-mediated pathway.
2019 J Physiol ORAI1 channel gating and selectivity is differentially altered by natural mutations in the first or third transmembrane domain.
2018 Dec Am J Physiol Heart Circ P... Dehydroepiandrosterone inhibits ICa,L and its window current in voltage-dependent and -independent mechanisms in arterial smooth muscle cells.
2018 Nov Biochem Biophys Res Commun Oxidant-induced increase in norepinephrine secretion from PC12 cells is dependent on TRPM8 channel-mediated intracellular calcium elevation.
2018 Oct J Am Heart Assoc Use of Antihypertensive Agents and Association With Risk of Adverse Outcomes in Chronic Kidney Disease: Focus on Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors and Angiotensin Receptor Blockers.
2019 Jan J Ethnopharmacol Airway smooth muscle relaxant activity of Cordia dodecandra A. DC. mainly by cAMP increase and calcium channel blockade.
2019 Jan Am J Physiol Heart Circ P... VNUT and VMAT2 segregate within sympathetic varicosities and localize near preferred Cav2 isoforms in the rat tail artery.
2018 Plant Signal Behav An interconnection between tip-focused Ca2+ and anion homeostasis controls pollen tube growth.
2018 Calcium Entry Channels in... Determining the Crystal Structure of TRPV6
2019 Feb Brain Res The cytosolic Ca2+ concentration in acutely dissociated fornical organ (SFO) neurons of rats: Spontaneous Ca2+ oscillations and Ca2+ oscillations induced by picomolar concentrations of angiotensin II.
2018 Yakugaku Zasshi [A Cellular Pharmacological Approach to the Development of Drugs to Treat Muscle Wasting].
2018 Sep Int J Mol Sci Histone Deacetylases Enhance Ca2+-Activated K⁺ Channel KCa3.1 Expression in Murine Inflammatory CD4⁺ T Cells.
2018 Dec Am J Physiol Cell Physiol Inhibitory effects of openers of large-conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels on agonist-induced phasic contractions in rabbit and mouse bronchial smooth muscle.
2018 Sep World J Gastroenterol Daikenchuto (Da-Jian-Zhong-Tang) ameliorates intestinal fibrosis by activating myofibroblast transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 channel.
2018 Nov J Neurosci Opposite Roles in Short-Term Plasticity for N-Type and PQ-Type Voltage-Dependent Calcium Channels in GABAergic Neuronal Connections in the Rat Cerebral Cortex.
2018 Sep Int J Mol Sci Ca2+ Signaling and IL-8 Secretion in Human Testicular Peritubular Cells Involve the Cation Channel TRPV2.
2019 Neurogastroenterol Motil Hydrogen sulfide downregulates colonic afferent sensitivity by a nitric oxide synthase-dependent mechanism in mice.
2018 Oct J Biol Chem CatSper channels are regulated by protein kinase A.
2018 Contemp Clin Trials Commun Preliminary analysis of the effect of Stevia (iStevia rebaudianai) in patients with chronic kidney disease (stage I to stage III).
2018 Open Microbiol J Functional Exploration Of T-Type Calcium Channels (Cav3.2 And Cav3.3) And Their Sensitivity To Zinc.
2018 Physiol Rep GLP-1 presses glucagon secretion in human pancreatic alpha-cells by inhibition of PQ-type Ca2+ channels.
2018 Korean J Physiol Pharmacol The change of signaling pathway on the electrical stimulated contraction in streptozotocin-induced bladder dysfunction of rats.
2018 Oct Exp Cell Res NMDA receptors inhibit axonal outgrowth by inactivating Akt and activating GSK-3β via calcineurin in cultured immature hippocampal neurons.
2018 Aug Mol Cell Biochem Inhibitions of anandamide transport and FAAH synthesis decrease apoptosis and oxidative stress through inhibition of TRPV1 channel in an in vitro seizure model.
2018 J Pharmacol Sci Application of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes sheets with microelectrode array system to estimate antiarrhythmic properties of multi-ion channel blockers.
2018 J Natl Med Assoc Risk Factors Influencing Outcomes of Atrial Fibrillation in ALLHAT.
2018 Front Pharmacol Small-Conductance Ca2+-Activated K+ Channel 2 in the Dorsal Horn of Spinal Cord Participates in Visceral Hypersensitivity in Rats.
2018 Sep Neuron Mechanisms of Channel Block in Calcium-Permeable AMPA Receptors.
2018 Pharm Biol Mechanisms of butylidenephthalide for twitch facilitation in electrically stimulated mouse vas deferens.
2018 Neurotherapeutics Early Treatment with Quinidine in 2 Patients with Epilepsy of Infancy with Migrating Focal Seizures (EIMFS) Due to Gain-of-Function KCNT1 Mutations: Functional Studies, Clinical Responses, and Critical Issues for Personalized Therapy.
2018 Hypertens Res Vasorelaxant effect of sinensetin via the NOsGCcGMP pathway and potassium and calcium channels.
2018 Aug Cell Commun Signal Kv1.3 channel blockade with the Vm24 scorpion toxin attenuates the CD4+ effector memory T cell response to TCR stimulation.
2018 Cell Stress Chaperones Molecular cloning and characterization of calmodulin-like protein CaLP from the Scleractinian coral Galaxea astreata.