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Recent literature: Corticosteroidal
Date Journal Article title
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2004 Am J Pathol Indigenous pulmonary Propionibacterium acnes primes the host in the development of sarcoid-like pulmonary granulomatosis in mice.
2003 Scand J Rheumatol Etanercept induces improvement of arthropathy in chronic infantile neurological cutaneous articular (CINCA) syndrome.
2003 Am J Ophthalmol The comparison of efficacies of topical corticosteroids and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drops on dry eye patients: a clinical and immunocytochemical study.
2003 Pharmacoeconomics Treatment of atopic dermatitis and impact on quality of life: a review with emphasis on topical non-corticosteroids.
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1987 Mar J Am Vet Med Assoc Chronic nongranulomatous enteritis in seven horses.
1986 Hosp Formul Cost savings through formulary implementation and group purchasing in four therapeutic categories.
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