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Recent literature: H2 receptor antagonist
Date Journal Article title
2020 Mar Adv Ther Risk of Serious Ventricular Arrhythmia in Users of Gastrointestinal Medications: A Retrospective Cohort Study in China.
2020 Mar J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract The Utility of Measuring Urinary Metabolites of Mast Cell Mediators in Systemic Mastocytosis and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.
2020 Mar Dig Dis Sci Proton Pump Inhibitors Prevent Gastric Antral Ulcers Induced by NSAIDs via Activation of Capsaicin-Sensitive Afferent Nerves in Mice.
2020 Mar Sci Rep Alterations in histamine responses between juvenile and adult urinary bladder urothelium, lamina propria and detrusor tissues.
2020 Mar Anat Histol Embryol Histamine receptors mediate contraction of reticular groove smooth muscle of adult goats.
2020 Feb Digestion Lifestyle- and Comorbidity-Related Risk Factors Associated with Prescription of Gastric Acid Secretion Inhibitors to Japanese Patients Who Were Helicobacter pylori Negative and Had No Upper Gastrointestinal Lesions.
2020 Feb J Clin Pharmacol Proton Pump Inhibitor Use Before ICU Admission Is Not Associated With Mortality of Critically Ill Patients.
2020 Feb Acta Paediatr The effects of proton pump inhibitors on the microbiome in young children.
2020 Jan J Cancer Educ Evaluation of Adherence to Antiemetic Treatment Guidelines in Patients With Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting in Teaching Hospitals in Tehran.
2019 Front Oncol Mast Cells May Differentially Regulate Growth of Lymphoid Neoplasms by Opposite Modulation of Histamine Receptors.
2020 J Gastroenterol Long-term proton pump inhibitor usage and the association with pancreatic cancer in Sweden.
2019 Adv Clin Exp Med The effect of esomeprazole vs famotidine on aspirinclopidogrel dual therapy after percutaneous coronary intervention.
2012 LiverTox: Clinical and Re... Ranitidine
2012 LiverTox: Clinical and Re... Nizatidine
2012 LiverTox: Clinical and Re... Famotidine
2012 LiverTox: Clinical and Re... Cimetidine
2019 Oct J Clin Med Risk of Recurrent Peptic Ulcer Disease in Patients Receiving Cumulative Defined Daily Dose of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs.
2019 Neurobiol Learn Mem Facilitation of fear extinction by novelty is modulated by β-adrenergic and 5-HT1A serotoninergic receptors in hippocampus.
2020 Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol Morphine stimulates angiogenesis through AktmTOReIF4E activation under serum deprivation or H2 O2 -induced oxidative stress condition.
2019 J Food Drug Anal Estimation of nizatidine gastric nitrosatability and product toxicity via an integrated approach combining HILIC, in silico toxicology, and molecular docking.
2019 Oct Molecules Structural Basis for the Regulation of PPARγ Activity by Imatinib.
2020 J Cell Biochem Tropisetron attenuates tumor growth and progression in an experimental model of mouse lung cancer.
2019 Neurochem Res A Natural Product with High Affinity to Sigma and 5-HT7 Receptors as Novel Therapeutic Drug for Negative and Cognitive Symptoms of Schizophrenia.
2020 Jan Talanta On-chip ion pair-based dispersive liquid-liquid extraction for quantitative determination of histamine H2 receptor antagonist drugs in human urine.
2019 Plant Cell Environ Tomato GLR3.3 and GLR3.5 mediate cold acclimation-induced chilling tolerance by regulating apoplastic H2 O2 production and redox homeostasis.
2019 Neurobiol Aging Pharmacological antagonism of histamine H2R ameliorated L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia via normalization of GRK3 and by pressing FosB and ERK in PD.
2019 Jul Cochrane Database Syst Rev Pharmacological interventions for prevention and treatment of upper gastrointestinal bleeding in newborn infants.
2019 Aug Eur J Pharmacol Microinjection of histamine and its H3 receptor agonist and antagonist into the agranular insular cortex influence sensory and affective components of neuropathic pain in rats.
2019 Helicobacter Pylera® plus ranitidine vs Pylera® plus esomeprazole in first-line treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection: Two pilot studies.
2019 J Pharm Health Care Sci Reduction in the rate of postoperative delirium by switching from famotidine to omeprazole in Japanese hepatectomized recipients.
2019 Clin Exp Allergy Idiopathic anaphylaxis.
2020 J Biomol Struct Dyn Elucidating the molecular interaction of serum albumin with nizatidine and the role of β-cyclodextrin: multi-spectroscopic and computational approach.
2019 J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr Esophagitis in Pediatric Esophageal Atresia: Acid May Not Always Be the Issue.
2019 Mar J Headache Pain Histamine and migraine revisited: mechanisms and possible drug targets.
2019 Mar Sci Rep Histamine modulation of urinary bladder urothelium, lamina propria and detrusor contractile activity via H1 and H2 receptors.
2019 Infect Control Hosp Epide... Risk factors for Clostridium difficile infection in pediatric inpatients: A meta-analysis and systematic review.
2020 Br J Pharmacol L-cysteinecystathionine-β-synthase-induced relaxation in mouse aorta involves a L-serinesphingosine-1-phosphateNO pathway.
2019 Int Immunopharmacol Immunomodulatory properties of cimetidine: Its therapeutic potentials for treatment of immune-related diseases.
2019 J Pharm Pharm Sci Effect of the Fexofenadine on the expression of HRH-1 and HRH-4 receptor in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell isolated from children with diagnosed allergy - in vitro study Short communication.
2019 Jan Curr Drug Discov Technol An herbal H2 blocker in melasma treatment.
2019 J Labelled Comp Radiopharm New 99m Tc(CO)3 -radiolabeled arylpiperazine pharmacophore as potent 5HT1A serotonin receptor radiotracer: Docking studies, chemical synthesis, radiolabeling, and biological evaluation.
2019 Tohoku J Exp Med Proton Pump Inhibitor Ameliorates Taste Disturbance among Patients with Laryngopharyngeal Reflux: A Randomized Controlled Study.
2018 Dec Cochrane Database Syst Rev Acupuncture for symptomatic gastroparesis.
2019 Alcohol Impact of moderate prenatal alcohol exposure on histaminergic neurons, histidine decarboxylase levels and histamine H2 receptors in adult rat offspring.
2018 PLoS One A cross-sectional study of national outpatient gastric acid pressant prescribing in the United States between 2009 and 2015.
2019 J Paediatr Child Health Non-indicated acid-pression prescribing in a tertiary paediatric hospital: An audit and costing study.
2019 Jan Am J Physiol Gastrointest... Distinct roles of histamine H1- and H2-receptor signaling pathways in inflammation-associated colonic tumorigenesis.
2018 J Vet Intern Med ACVIM consensus statement: Support for rational administration of gastrointestinal protectants to dogs and cats.
2019 Gut Antibiotic and acid-pression medications during early childhood are associated with obesity.
2019 J Cell Physiol Estradiol-17β stimulates H2 S biosynthesis by ER-dependent CBS and CSE transcription in uterine artery smooth muscle cells in vitro.
2018 Nov Prev Vet Med New approaches to pharmacosurveillance for monitoring prescription frequency, diversity, and co-prescription in a large sentinel network of companion animal veterinary practices in the United Kingdom, 2014-2016.
2018 Hypertens Res Association of histamine with hypertension-induced cardiac remodeling and reduction of hypertrophy with the histamine-2-receptor antagonist famotidine compared with the beta-blocker metoprolol.
2018 J Dig Dis Efficacy of Surgicel® (Fibrillar) for preventing bleeding after endoscopic mucosal dissection for gastric epithelial tumors.
2018 Oct Clin J Am Soc Nephrol Proton Pump Inhibitors, Histamine-2 Receptor Antagonists, and Hip Fracture Risk among Patients on Hemodialysis.
2018 Nov Neurosci Lett Intracerebellar microinjection of histaminergic compounds on locomotor and exploratory behaviors in mice.
2018 Pharmacol Rep Effect of long-term administration of ranitidine, a histamine H2 receptor antagonist, on bone metabolism in young growing rats.
2018 Front Immunol Ranitidine Inhibition of Breast Tumor Growth Is B Cell Dependent and Associated With an Enhanced Antitumor Antibody Response.
2018 Br J Pharmacol Lysophosphatidic acid acts on LPA1 receptor to increase H2 O2 during flow-induced dilation in human adipose arterioles.
2018 Oct Eur J Pharmacol Histamine H4 receptor mediates chemotaxis of human lung mast cells.
2018 Nov Structure Chemical Crosslinking Mass Spectrometry Reveals the Conformational Landscape of the Activation Helix of PPARγ; a Model for Ligand-Dependent Antagonism.
2018 Nov Brain Res Intracerebroventricular injection of histamine induces the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis activation in male rats.
2018 Expert Opin Drug Saf The inhibition of first-pass metabolism of ethanol by H2-receptor antagonists: a tabulated review.
2018 Pharmacol Rep Effect of long-term administration of ranitidine, a histamine H2 receptor antagonist, on bone metabolism in young growing rats.
2018 Dose Response Protective Effects of Methanol Extract of iVernonia amygdalinai (ideli.) Leaf on Aspirin-Induced Gastric Ulceration and Oxidative Mucosal Damage in a Rat Model of Gastric Injury.
2018 Sep Eur J Pharmacol Evaluation of different classes of histamine H1 and H2 receptor antagonist effects on neuropathic nociceptive behavior following tibial nerve transection in rats.
2018 Jun Pediatr Emerg Care Effects of Glucocorticoids on Hospitalized Children With Anaphylaxis.
2018 Neuropharmacology Enhanced central histaminergic transmission attenuates compulsive-like behavior in mice.
2018 Cell Biol Int Sphingosine-1-phosphate promotes the proliferation and attenuates apoptosis of Endothelial progenitor cells via S1PR1S1PR3PI3KAkt pathway.
2018 Biomed Chromatogr Development and validation of a fast and sensitive UHPLC-ESI-MS method for the simultaneous quantification of spironolactone and its metabolites in ocular tissues.
2018 Calcif Tissue Int Proton Pump Inhibitor Use, H2-Receptor Antagonist Use, and Risk of Incident Clinical Vertebral Fracture in Women.
2018 Aliment Pharmacol Ther Proton pump inhibitor and histamine-2 receptor antagonist use and risk of liver cancer in two population-based studies.
2018 Apr J Gastroenterol Hepatol Acid-pressive drugs and risk of kidney disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
2018 Anat Cell Biol Ameliorative effect of vitamin B12 on seminiferous epithelium of cimetidine-treated rats: a histopathological, immunohistochemical and ultrastructural study.
2018 Am J Ther The Effect of Perioperative Cimetidine Administration on Time to Colorectal Cancer Recurrence.
2018 Int J Mol Med Thromboxane A2 receptor antagonist SQ29548 attenuates SH‑SY5Y neuroblastoma cell impairments induced by oxidative stress.